Health Min Plevris assures that necessary surgeries will not be postponed

Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021 13:03 UPD: 13:07

"No one will be endangered and surgeries that must be carried out will not be postponed," Health Minister Thanos Plevris assured viewers on Wednesday in an interview with SKAI TV, adding that the health ministry is in talks with private clinics so that surgeries can be carried out there if necessary.

In particular, for Attica, he stressed that "there is no change in the planned surgeries" and added that yesterday's letter to the hospitals, in fact, "gives the administrations the option, if necessary, to reduce surgeries".

However, Plevris reiterated that even in the worst-hit areas, where there is now a lot of pressure on the system, "no one will be endangered" and any cutbacks in surgeries will be limited to the absolute minimum.

"Surgeries will not be postponed. All emergency surgeries are being carried out. In certain hospitals in specific areas, exceptionally, which are under a lot of pressure, surgeries have in any case been curtailed and [outsourced], in collaboration with private clinics," he commented.

 Source: ANA-MPA

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