Covid-19 outbreak: 2,925 confirmed single-day instances on Fri.; 21 related fatalities, 191 intubated patients

Friday, 06 Aug 2021 22:52 UPD: 22:53

Confirmed single-day Covid-19 infections reached 2,925 on Friday, with six instances detected at entry points to the country.

The total number of confirmed cases in Greece since the pandemic began now total 509,596. 

In addition, another 21 related fatalities were recorded over the past 24 hours, with the death toll now standing in 13,048 in the country. In terms of the victims, 95.2 percent suffered from an underlying condition or were aged above the age of 70.

The number of intubated patients treated in hospital ICUs for acute Covid-19 symptoms remained at 191. The average age of these patients is 64, with 82.2 percent suffering from an underlying condition or above the age of 70.


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