Covid-19 outbreak: New single-day record on Thurs. in Greece, 882; 15 related fatalities

Thursday, 22 Oct 2020 21:35 UPD: 21:35

Thursday witnessed a second consecutive breaking of the single-day record for confirmed Covid-19 infections in Greece, with another 882 cases reported over the 24-hour period, along with 15 more related fatalities - also up from previous day's single-digit number.

Ninety-nine of the new infections were linked to other coronavirus cases, while 52 were detected at border entries.

The total number of coronavirus infections now exceeds 28,200 in the east Mediterranean country.

Two more people were listed as being treated in hospital ICUs due to acute Covid-19 symptoms from the previous day, with the total reaching 90 on Thursday. Of the latter, the average age of intubated patients was 66 ,with 92.2 percent either suffering from an underlying condition or above the age of 70.

The 15 new related fatalities bring the death toll to 549, with the average age of the victims being 79, and with 96.2 percent


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