Covid-19 outbreak: Worst one-day tally of confirmed infections, at 508; eight related fatalities

Friday, 16 Oct 2020 21:27 UPD: 21:28

Friday marked the worst one-day tally of confirmed coronavirus infections in Greece, with 508 instances reported, along with another eight Covid-19 related fatalities.

Public health authorities declared a category 4 state of emergency in the northern prefecture of Kozani, mandating masks in indoors public places ordering eateries' dining areas closed, and open only for take-out and delivery.

The situation in the northwest city of Ioannina was also described as critical.

The number of patients being treated in hospital ICUs for acute coronavirus-related symptoms remained stable at 81, with the average age being 67 and with 95.1 percent either suffering from an underlying health condition or above the age of 70.


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