Govt satisfied over Macron-Mitsotakis meeting in Paris; nothing official regarding fiscal targets

Friday, 23 Aug 2019 12:30 UPD: 12:32

By G. Kampourakis

Government sources in Athens on Thursday afternoon referred to "very guarded" French consideration over any future request by the Mitsotakis government - towards European creditors - that now high annual primary budget surplus targets (as a percentage of GDP) that the Greek state must meet be reduced.

The comments came hours after visiting Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was received in Paris by French President Emmanuel Macron.

During a brief discussion with Greek reporters covering the meeting, Mitsotakis was extremely terse over his 90-minute talks with Macron.

Nevertheless, back in Athens, the "spin" by the government side was that "...amid a conducive climate and correct timing, France would back the Greek request where necessary".

Officially, the Mitsotakis government was satisfied with the very public support expressed by the French president to Greece and Cyprus over repeated and constant Turkish provocations in the island republic's EEZ.

Back in Greece on Friday morning, Mitsotakis arrived in the morning at the wildfire-gutted coastal settlement of Mati, which claimed the lives of 102 people in July 2018. Specifically, the Greek premier visited a large tract of land finally cleared of brush, debris and fallen trees from the catastrophe. The lot was viewed as a major fire hazard.


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