Tax evasion 'safari' in well-known Greek tourist spots continues to snag major violators

Wednesday, 30 Aug 2017 20:56 UPD: 21:00

Tax inspectors are continuing a "safari" around Greece's prime tourist regions at the end of August, with several indicative examples of alleged tax evasion and VAT avoidance released to the press.

In one instance, a taverna on the seafront adjacent to the north-central city of Katerini was accused of failing to issue receipts worth 16,400 euros, while on Paros and Mykonos - two of Greece's best known Aegean island destinations - several eateries were also cited for tax evasion worth thousands of euros.

One well-known taverna on Paros was cited for failing to issue 36 receipts worth 6.500 euros. The establishment was later sealed by inspectors from the newly created and memorandum-mandated Independent Authority for Public Revenues.

The closure order extends for 10 days.

Another even more egregious example came on jet-setting Mykonos, where an upscale restaurant was cited for failing to issue 65 receipts worth 24,000 euros.

It's noteworthy that tax inspectors monitored the aforementioned establishments for only a few days, or even a day, according to reports.


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