Draft bill calling for obligatory Covid vax for staff in public, private healthcare units tabled in Parliament

Wednesday, 21 Jul 2021 13:20 UPD: 13:24

A draft bill that includes an amendment foreseeing the mandatory vaccination of staff members employed in specific health and care facilities, including all public sector units in the country, was tabled in Greece's Parliament by the relevant justice ministry on Wednesday morning.  

In a fast-track process, the draft bill will come up for debate and a vote by the plenum on Thursday.

Specifically, the legislation foresees that all staff members employed at elderly care centers must be vaccinated for Covid-19, with the measure coming into force after Aug. 16, if ratified by a Parliament majority, as expected. The same decision will affect employees in care units for people with special needs, along with all staff at healthcare facilities - beginning as of Sept. 1.

Individuals employed in such units, including in the private sector, bear the obligation to inform their employers if they are vaccinated.

The measure is not accompanied by a provision for employment termination or other disciplinary action in the public sector, but rather a suspension without pay and the payment of social security contributions is foreseen.

Most people employed in Greece's cavernous public sector hold tenured positions.


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